TLB Art Restoration

Most people love art and we are surrounded by art. From the sound of a tweeting bird in the early morning, the sound of busy traffic to graffiti art in the streets and flower arrangements in the office, everything is art. Art is an expression of emotions that is created to be share and be heard.

However, preserving art is a big deal so that its beauty will not fade and stays as it is. Art galleries and museums has its ways to take care of their exhibits. Restoration of frames, fading colors and a lot to be considered which goes to a careful process.

This doesn’t just happened in such places. This also happened in our homes. Some of photos in the album might need restoration ’cause we don’t want memories to just fade away. Our favorite portrait in the wall might be having problems but we don’t want it to be just garbage. Or our walls might be a bit dull and needs more color and design. Even choosing a floor tile for our homes is a form of art.

Everything is art and needs to be preserved. TLB Art Restorations share to you the how art around us is not just a display but a form of expression and they need to be loved. We wanted art to not slowly die but keep its form alive for a long time.