Outdoor Wall Art Ideas

Outdoor Wall Art plays a similar purpose to indoor paintings, sculptures, mosaics or photos. It is an expression of your beliefs, your ideas, what you define as beauty or enables you to convey an idea that can not be explained through words. Your art can be from a specific artist that you admire, an unknown artist who captured your attention or just a nice object that compliments a space that you found empty or unappealing. Outdoor Wall Art Personalizes Your Space Gardens could be interpreted as environmental art, and fall under the umbrella of outdoor art, but when it comes to outdoor wall art, gardens fail to meet this specific purpose. The walls that separate a porch from your neighbor’s driveway is not a barrier to retain your privacy. It is an opportunity to fill a blank canvas with interesting weather resistant objects that will be sure to start a Continue Reading

Types Of Metal Wall Art

If you are a fan of art, then chances are you have heard of metal wall art. This can be a great way to add some flair to your home as well as give you something beautiful to look at and contemplate over. It is important to understand the types of metal wall art as well as where you can find these works of an art form. Types of Metal Art There are many styles of metal art you can purchase to adorn your walls. There are several different finishes that you can have on the piece, including cast iron or bronze. However, there are distinct forms of metal wall art that you can find: functional and decorative. Functional wall art is pieces that actually serve a purpose in your home. This could be anything from wall sconces, fountains, key racks and more. These items are not only made to Continue Reading

Caring For Your Artwork

Original artworks are a valuable asset and hold very sentimental values. They need to last a long time. If the artist who created your painting used quality materials, the painting should last for many, many years to come. There is some care you can take to prevent or slow the natural art aging process. Proper care will guarantee the artwork remains an important work of art for you and for future generations to come. Humidity & Temperatures If humidity and temperatures are high they may damage your painting. If possible, try to control the climate in the room where the painting is hanging or being stored. In rooms with humidity exceeding 70%, bumps occur which could seriously damage or weaken the painting and make it more vulnerable to future damage. Please keep in mind that fluctuations in both temperature and humidity caused by air-conditioning systems being switched on and off Continue Reading